Our Science

Scientific Conference Presentations – 2017

Presentations presented at 2017 Pew-NIAID Workshop, Washington, DC, February 2017

Presentation Title: Improving our understanding of porin permeability in Gram-negative bacteria
Presented by: Ruben Tommasi
Meeting: Pew-NIAID Workshop, 2017

Presentations presented at 2017 Gordon Research Conference:  Multi-Drug Efflux Systems, Galveston, TX, March 2017:

Presentation Title: Antibiotic Resistance:  A real and present danger in our hospitals
Presented by: Ruben Tommasi
Meeting: Gordon Research Conference: Multi-Drug Efflux Systems, 2017

Presentations presented at 2017 ACS Meeting, San Francisco, CA, April 2017:

Presentation Title: Discovery of ETX2514, a novel, rationally designed inhibitor of Class A, C and D B-lactamases, for the treatment of Gram-negative infections
Presented by: Thomas Durand-Reville
Meeting: ACS Meeting, 2017

Presentations presented at SDRI, Brisbane, Australia, April 2017:

Presentation Title: Pathogen-directed strategies at Entasis Therapeutics
Presented by: Alita Miller
Meeting: SDRI, 2017

“Our scientific approach and expertise, coupled with Entasis’ strong pipeline of programs, really make us stand out in the field of antibacterial drug discovery and development.”

— Satenig Guler, Senior Scientist