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Publications 2013

Shapiro AB
A high-throughput-compatible, fluorescence anisotropy-based assay for ATP-dependent supercoiled DNA relaxation by human topoisomerase IIα
Biochemical Pharmacology (2013)

Ehmann DE, Jahic H, Ross PL, Gu RF, Hu J, Durand-Réville TF, Lahiri S, Thresher J, Livchak S, Gao N, Palmer T, Walkup GK, Fisher SL
Kinetics of avibactam inhibition against class A, C, and D β-lactamases
Journal of Biological Chemistry (2013)

Keirstead ND, Wagoner MP, Bentley P, Blais M, Brown C, Cheatham L, Ciaccio P, Dragan Y, Ferguson D, Fikes J, Galvin M, Gupta A, Hale M, Johnson N, Luo W, McGrath F, Pietras M, Price S, Sathe AG, Sasaki JC, Snow D, Walsky RL, Kern G
Early prediction of polymyxin-induced nephrotoxicity with next generation urinary kidney injury biomarkers
Toxicological Sciences (2013)